Cityworks Integration


is a GIS-centric documentation platform that focuses on making it easy to complete forms in the field and generates PDF versions of the form submittal that look exactly like the original forms.


is a GIS-centric asset management solution that provides a robust work order process for its users to manage labor, material and equipment, and record the time and costs associated with keeping owned assets operational.

The combination of Cityworks work orders and UtiliSync web app and documentation is a dream come true for field workers and asset managers!

Field Crews

Gone are the days of having to head back to the office early and spend hours at your PC entering in information off Cityworks work orders. With the Cityworks Integration for UtiliSync, field workers can:


Complete forms and take photos in the field on their mobile device.

Once the Cityworks-enabled form is submitted, a PDF of the final form record is submitted. UtiliSync inserts comments and attaches the PDF final form record to an open work order in Cityworks, or opens a new work order if one is not already open.

Optionally, a user can close a Cityworks work order when the form is submitted.

This means field crews can complete all of their documentation in the field, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Asset Managers

The office personnel benefit from the integration knowing that documentation is being attached to every work order and their investment in Cityworks is more fully being used. If a question or dispute ever arises, they are able to easily use Cityworks powerful database to pull up the work order and view the associated documentation.


UtiliSync and Cityworks

Click on the video to watch a podcast with the CEO/Founder of UtiliSync, Matt Stayner, discussing the seamless partnership with Cityworks