"I thought at first using UtiliSync may be tricky in the field, not at all. The ease of user interface wildly exceeded my expectations."

-Sam Bell, Storm Water Manager, Vineyard, Utah


There was no system in place to meet the SWPPP inspection/enforcement requirements set forth by the new MS4 permit. There needed to be a system that could accomplish this as well as assist with other public works inspections. Without anything to go off of, the city needed to start from scratch.


Sam demoed a number of products including web-based and server based programs. After signing up for a demo, Sam and the Public Works Inspector were able to see how UtiliSync worked in the field.
"As soon as I saw it in action, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. The maps, the interface, the cost, the fast set-up time, the expandablity, the ease of use in the field, the portability, the customer service, and the look and feel; All of these things and more put UtiliSync way ahead of the competition." - Sam Bell


UtiliSync helps Vineyard to:

  • The ease of use in the field has made a huge impact
  • Because the user interface is so seamless, UtiliSync saves us hours a day out in the field
  • The map: love the visual interface, all of the inspection sites are easy to find
  • The forms: easy to manipulate on a tablet which makes it ideal in the field
  • The signature: ability to capture digital signatures in the field saves tons of time
  • The storage: because UtiliSync provides cloud storage there is no need to print out copies of forms
  • The photos: easy to upload directly into a form, no extra work required to label or upload