Inspectors would take hard copies of each file and inspection to the city offices. This would cause long delays in information being inputted and numerous trips back and forth to each city office. Inspectors were losing 2-3 hours per day just driving back and forth between inspections and offices.


Because of familiarity with the developer and the format, it was easy to agree to a 30 day trial with UtiliSync. It was the first product that was used besides paper forms and lots of driving, but after testing it for 30 days, Ash Creek was able to quickly realize the time and cost savings that would be gained with UtiliSync.
Now, inspectors, CCTV camera crew, the pump station manager, and the superintendent all use UtiliSync. It has significantly reduced response times on housing inspections, as well as simplify piping modifications and GIS modifications to the system.


UtiliSync helps Ash Creek Special Service District to:

  • Keep consistent and accurate GIS mapping data
  • Email reporting before even leaving the site
  • Reduce inspection time by an estimated 30%
  • Improved response on each new inspection
  • Quick and accurate feedback to contractors
  • Consistent data between communications